Michigan Outdoor Mobility
Michigan Outdoor Mobility

Action Trackstander

Height 42"
Width See Model table below.
Length 42" / 52 1/2" w/ rear idlers
Weight 350 lbs approx.
Seat Height 23"
Tilt angle for Chair 20 degrees each way
Track Size 6.5″ x 90″
Batteries Two 12 volt Wheelchair Batteries
Controls Joystick Wheelchair Controls
Motors 24 volt DC 24:1 ratio high thrust motor
Speed 3-4 mph
Turning Radius Zero
Width Between Armrests See Model table below.
Ground Clearance 3.5"
Battery Charger 12 Amp
Range Variable up to 6 miles
Foot Rest Adjustable standard or flip up
Accessory Holders Two on each side and two on back of chair
Lap Belt Standard
Warranty One year (Three years on welding & track)

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Action Trackstander

Model # Width between armrests Total width
Model ST16 16" 37"
Model ST18 18" 37"
Model ST20 20" 39"
Model ST22 22" 41"
Model ST24 24" 43"

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